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Selyno Biomedical Ltd. is a privately held company focused on helping you with your translational phase technologies for the biomedical and biopharmaceutical industry. Our core capability lies in the biomaterials field, where we characterize and manufacture biomaterials for our client’s product development needs. We will tailor a biomaterial solution for your product.

Our mission is to provide you with creative solutions for emerging markets and industries, by capitalizing on existing early stage innovative discoveries and cutting edge scientific research.

With today’s biomedical industry facing dramatic changes in market dynamics and regulatory demands, Selyno Biomedical delivers innovation and cost reduction through high-quality consulting, technology development knowhow and customized outsourcing.

At Selyno Biomedical we work across the boundaries of the product development continuum, identifying, analyzing, and improving innovative devices and systems for the biomedical community. Our professionals, with a track record of more than 10 years in the industry and academia, know the importance of combining science, technology, engineering and user-focused design to solve difficult R&D challenges.

Our professionals will work with you at each stage of your product’s life cycle, including front-end innovation, market needs analysis, detailed design and development, characterization, regulation, scale-up and manufacturing. Our experience and involvement will allow your company to improve products, save time and money, and respond to the industry’s many challenges.

Core capabilities

Selyno’s main expertise is in the field of polymeric biomaterials. Our team of experts aims to be your best option when it comes to characterization, development and manufacturing of biomaterials for your biomedical device. We have been involved in the development of multiple biomaterial based products in the fields of: orthopedics, wound healing, dermatology, cardiology and cosmetics. We have tailored solutions for challenges involving: tissue encapsulation, foreign body response, sustained release of drugs, gene therapy and cell therapy.

Selyno Biomedical’s team has vast experience with: synthetic and natural polymers, polymer conjugates, environmentally sensitive and light-responsive biomedical polymers, hydrogels and various other visco-elastic materials that are approved for medical use. We specialize in analytical characterization and manufacturing of these polymer systems for the medical and biotechnology industries.

Selyno Biomedical will be your partner from technology assessment to cGMP manufacturing.


Dr. Koby Gvili, CEO

Koby Gvili received his B.Sc. from the Chemical engineering department at Ben-Gurion University and his Ph.D from the Biotechnology engineering department at the Technion. Before joining Selyno Biomedical, Koby served as the Director of Operations for Collplant (Vergenix,CE mark), a transgenic collagen-based medical device company where he was responsible for the tissue-culture based supply of transgenic tobacco plants, the purification of collagen for medical device manufacturing and the running of a quality control lab. Koby was also responsible for the design of a high capacity facility for downstream and upstream collagen purification. Before that, Koby served as the R&D Manager of Regentis Biomaterials (Gelrin, CE mark), a tissue-repair company, where he was responsible for the development of the company products, delivery accessories and implantation procedure of cartilage and bone repair products based on novel biomaterials. In addition, he was responsible for surgeon training during a multi-center clinical study in Europe. Before that Koby served as a team leader at Regentis Biomaterials where he was responsible for the scale up manufacturing of polymer-protein conjugates, technology transfer to a GMP facility, biocompatibility studies and in-vivo bone repair studies, including the development of analytical methods for product characterization.

Project Managers

Selyno Biomedical has a team of dedicated and highly skilled scientists and engineers that provide deep expertise across disciplines and industries. Selyno’s team members work alongside client teams as advisors, executors and full partners.  We also have a dedicated group of external academic and industry experts that we deploy around the globe to address our customer’s needs in a broad range of disciplines. Such a team work allows us to quickly respond to our client needs.

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52 Bar-Yehuda Road (Beit Ofer, 3rd floor)

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Tel: 972-4-6043844

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