Some of the projects managed by Selyno Biomedical include:

v  Technology assessment of a biomaterial based gene therapy procedure.

v  Delivery device assessment for treatment of myocardial infarction.

v  Biocompatibility testing for printed medical devices.

v  Batch record, protocols and specifications for cGMP manufacturing.

v  Licensing package for a bioadhesive product.

v  Full conceptual design of a large purification facility of a biomedical product.

v  Improvement of cell survival post encapsulation.

v  Market researches in the fields of bone regeneration and pre-filled syringes. 

v  Synthesis of a biomaterial for the gynecology market.

v  Development of methods and instrumentation for quantitation of: peptides, growth factors, toxicity, injectability, fatigue, etc.

v  Scale up of a purification process for the cosmetics market.

v  Identifying predicated polymers with specific swelling characteristics for a cardiovascular indication.



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