Selyno Biomedical LTD achieves consistently high levels of customer satisfaction. How do we do this? By focusing on high quality solutions that meet the real needs of our customers. This is what you can expect from us every time.


Our team brings a unique combination of technical, operational, and intellectual skills sets that are relevant to the biomedical and biopharmaceutical product development value chain.   

Business Minded

We are much more than technology experts; we understand the regulatory and business aspects of your product and provide strategic planning to optimize your product development pathway.  Using this strategy, we have built a strong reputation for bringing in high-value projects on time and on budget.

Sharing Knowledge

We strive to inform our clients of the latest technological and scientific advances as they pertain to their specific products. We extend a vast amount of knowledge to the exclusive benefit of our clients.

Best Practice

We understand the value of best practices to our clients. We believe it is much more efficient to use best practices as a resource rather than inventing work practices from scratch.  Each of our projects is conducted using appropriate best practices and standards, resulting in further improvements to efficiency and reducing the risks for our client.


We work together to deliver creative solutions that break the technological and scientific bottleneck. Out-of-the-box thinking is what we specialize in.

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52 Bar-Yehuda Road (Beit Ofer, 3rd floor)

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Tel: 972-4-6043844

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